A New Newsletter July 22 2015

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New Products for January January 12 2015

Happy new year to all! We're back from vacation and ready to hit the needles once more here at Stick Chick Knits. This month's new products are two favorites finally available as kits.

Seattle is currently buzzing with excitement because our hometown football team, the Seahawks, are division champions and have made it to the conference finals, the last step to the Super Bowl. Hawks pride is strong, so we decided the kits for this month should salute all the 12s out there wanting to sport team colors for the big game on Saturday. And even if you're not a football fan these colors are perfect for driving away the winter blahs.


Our Twist Again kit is currently available in Collegiate and Hawkeye DK Lively from Hazel Knits. There is enough yarn for at least 3 hats, one for you, and two for other 12s in your life.

Prickly is a popular pattern around here, so this kit is a great chance to make yourself a pair. The kit is currently available in 9th Doctor and Green Apple Pebble Sock Yarn from Black Trillium Fibres. 9th Doctor is a variegated color with muted bits of blue, green, and silver; it looks fantastic with the bright Green Apple. Think of this as a more subtle way to show team pride.

Go Hawks!

New Products for November November 17 2014

I'm back from Knit Fit and have restocked the store! There are so many new colors of Hazel Knits DK Lively and sizes of Signature needles that the shelves are bursting. Along with the restock we've also added a new Offhand Designs bag - the Nina tote. This is a nice size to tuck under your arm and fill with a project or two.

Offhand Designs Fall II Fabrics October 18 2014

There are three new fabric options in the store this week for the wonderful Offhand Designs needle cases. I'm really loving this batch and may have to keep one or two around for my own collection.

New Wooly Wonka Colors September 29 2014

Fall has arrived and so have the new fall colors from Wooly Wonka. I love this trio, it reminds me of all the leaves changing colors!

Offhand Designs September 26 2014

For almost as long as I've been knitting I've had the pleasure of using bags and needle cases from Offhand Designs. They're handmade in California from gorgeous vintage fabrics and are of the highest quality. The Switch Clutch is absolutely my favorite. It holds all my interchangeable needles snuggly in place and is small enough to tote around in my purse.

I'm happy to announce we're now stocking both the Switch Clutch and Circular Clutch here at SCKnits! These fabrics are limited runs, once they're out of stock they're gone. I've grabbed an assortment for the store, check them all out and find the one you love!

New Products for September September 19 2014

I know we're over half way through September, but I've been waiting on this post because I wanted to include the announcement of an entire new product line - knitting needles!

A few years ago my husband surprised me with a set of dpns and a circular needle from Signature Needle Arts for Christmas (yes, I am a very lucky woman). I have used these needles for years now and love them. I reach for them every time they're available (there might be a few projects that linger on the needles around here). That's why, when I decided to expand the shop to include needles, Signature was my first call. I was super excited they agreed to let me stock their needles here.

As of now we're stocking dpns and circulars, all with the super sharp Stiletto tip. You'll find the most common sizes used to knit our patterns right now, but more sizes will be coming in the next few months.

We released the Zombiesockalypse pattern earlier this month. There's still time to make a pair before Halloween. And now you can get your pattern, needles, and yarn all in one stop!

The Zombiesockalypse or RUN! September 11 2014

In the zombie apocalypse, 47% of deaths are due to not being able to run fast enough because of blisters on your feet. Scientists say that the number one defense against blisters is to wear a pair of socks. Don’t have any socks? Then knit some! This pattern is easy to knit, even while running from zombies or stockpiling supplies. 


To help you stockpile in time all fingering weight yarn will be shipped with a free paper copy of Zombiesockalypse between now and Oct 1st, no code needed.

Right Round Mitts September 08 2014

3 Skeins or Less Fresh Knitted Accessories is out at last and features many great designs from a host of talented designers. I'm super excited because I designed the Right Round Mitts for this collection last fall, but haven't been able to talk about them. At last I can share them!

I'm a sucker for mirrored pairs, like Jian and Oceanie, so designing these mitts was a lot of fun. They feature an easy to memorize lace pattern that gives a lot of pop for not a lot of work. Of course I dated myself with the name, but couldn't resist since the song was spinning in my head while I knit them.

TBT - Bliss August 14 2014

I often have a habit of mentioning Violeta as my first published pattern, and it was the first pattern put out by Stick Chick Knits, but technically my first published pattern was Bliss. Back in 2007 I designed this blanket for a friend's new baby, and named it after her.

In Jan 2008 Bliss was published by Magknits. Shortly after that I reworked the design in 4 colors and put it out as a free pattern. I couldn't resist having my 11 month old son model the second version.

That sweet little guy is now 7 and he and Miss Bliss are best buddies!

Throwback Thursday August 07 2014

While sketching out initial ideas for my Knit Fit booth I stumbled across an old booth pic I couldn't resist sharing. This tiny little table at the Tacoma Rainiers Stitch and Pitch in 2009 was the very first time I retailed my patterns to the public in person. I can't believe how much SCKnits has grown since!


New Products for August August 05 2014

Busy week here at SCKnits! We've added 3 new products to the store I'm sure you'll love.


Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Tutti Frutti. This color was custom dyed just for us last summer to be featured in the Splendor shipment of the 2013 JANe Garden Club. Check out Pomona to see it all knit up. The color positively glows.


Wooly Wonka Nimue Sock in Peacock. I stocked this color at KnitFit 2013 and VKL Seattle 2014 and sold out of it at both shows. It is one of the most amazing blue/green/turquoise layered colors I've ever seen. I loved it so much that it was the featured yarn in the Frolic shipment of the 2014 JANe Garden Club.


Atomic Cats JANe kit. I'm so excited to have a few of these in stock. They were the featured kit at WildFibers during the 2014 LYS Tour in May. The kit contains everything you need to make Bicone, except the needles, and a groovy messenger bag to tote the project around. Bicone is a fingerless mitt pattern exclusive to this kit and it's worked in Hazel Knits DK Lively in the lovely layered gray of Silhouette.


Hope you're all enjoying summer, and dusting off your needles for fall!